Are U.S. Marines Athletes ?????

Good day fellow Hard-Chargers

I’m sure you’ve seen the process of what it takes to become a professional athlete. It not only takes an amazing amount of talent but also a sheer sensational amount of determination, dedication and hard work.

Michael Jordan

You have to truly love the process of becoming great, I mean we’ve seen it happen over and over again.

One will receive the scholarship to play ball while getting a tax free education, if good enough scouts and agents will begin to contact you.

They wanna see where not only your game play is currently, but also if you’re mentality ready for the next level.

From there you’ll have a few private sessions so that you can be evaluated to see where your skill sets are, test’s are ran and there are lots of interviews.


From there you’re drafted to a professional organization and you now represent a franchise, you make the team and sign a contract in which you get guaranteed money.

2013 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft nfl-draft

You’re now a professional athlete, and your life is changed forever you have endorsement deals, guaranteed money, and a solid fan base.

Now with that being said I wanna focus on the fact that U.S. Marine Corps infantry, Reconnaissance, and MARSOC are also athletes in their own right.

marine corps infantry    marine corps recon


One must go through rigorous training in order to make the cut, and as said earlier pertaining to athletes, you can say again here.

You have to love what you do in order to be great, or you’ll just be an average marine. So there are 12 weeks of training in boot camp, you either go east coast boot camp (MCRD, South Carolina) or you go west coast boot camp (MCRD, San Diego).


From there you have another 8 weeks of training at S.O.I. (School Of Infantry) in order to actually learn how to do your job.

During these places of training you’re consistently exercising and getting your body in shape because the object is to prepare you mentally and physically for combat in the very near future.


Once S.O.I. is complete you’re now assigned to your unit in which you will be a part of for the next 4 years. You’ll continue to train and better yourself as a marine, going on 30 mile hikes with 70 pounds of weight on you, that’s a full fighting load plus crew served weapons.

Marine corps hump

There are numerous field operations in which you have to complete, such as A.P. Hill, which is in Virginia, this is basically 2 months of in the field training.

A.P. HIll

Your last training evolution is in a place referred to as the Mojave desert in California, this is where your unit as a whole will be tested in order to see if you all as a whole are ready to deploy in order to fight and defend the U.S.A.

Mojave Desert

All this training and keeping your body in tip top shape is very vital to your success, you’re going on 3-5 miles runs per day while wearing boots. You’ll also participate in Indian runs, log runs, the regimen in which you take is insane but very well worth it.

Rope Climb

marine corps training

swim qualifications

Before it all begins you’ll sign a contract letting you know how long you’ll be a part of this great organization.

There are also signing bonuses and if you actually have what it takes and can perform at  an elite level as far as getting through the indoctrination and becoming a Recon Marine or a part of MARSOC.

Then and only then will you receive a pay-day upwards of $80,000, but again you’re going to S.E.R.E. school, (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) there is also Sniper school, Jump School, and a rigorous swim qualification.

sere school  Marine Corps jump school

marine corps sniper school

I mean the whole process is incredibly difficult and this is why only the best get through it.

So again, are Marines athletes in their own right???



Isaac J. Hall II



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