America, Land of the entitled.

How we doing Hard-Chargers! Good friend and contributor USMC Sergeant, David Jewell has a few words so without further adieu. 

America is vastly different from when I was a child.  I was born in 1985 so I was a child of the 90’s and the early millenium. My parents started me in little league, beginning with tee-ball.

In this time that I played tee-ball there was no championship or anything of the sort. Everyone (girls included) was learning to play the sport and understand the fundamentals.

For this everyone was given a dinky little medal. After that we had Minor League followed by Major League depending upon your age group.  My first year in the Minor League my team did not win the championship. In fact, I doubt we even made it to the championship.

At the end of the season there would be an awards banquet at the local middle school.  I remember the winners being handed trophies and I had a plate with a hot dog and some potato chips. I remember being very upset and asking my dad why I wasn’t getting a trophy.

He told me, simply, your team did not win. He wasn’t a dick about it he didn’t hurt my feelings but he wanted me to understand this is how the world works. I was still upset but understood.

This made me want to be better than I was.  He helped me develop as a baseball player at that young age and eventually I was on Championship winning teams and even received a sweet trophy with a guy like he’s in the batter’s box. BAD-ASS!


In more recent years I see that children all receive “participation trophies.”  This blows my mind. This only shows children that even if you do nothing, you will still receive something.

These kids are going to go through life thinking that it doesn’t matter how much effort they put out. They’re still going to receive SOMETHING. Guess what? Real life does not work this way!

The world is competitive and cut throat. You’re not going to get hired for a job simply for showing up to an interview. No, you most likely will need an education, a resume and probably a few endorsements from other professionals or professors that you have met along the way.

All this does is breed entitlement. Which brings me to my next point.

I was still in the military when the whole “Occupy Wall Street” bullshit was going down. I still, however, got to witness a sliver of it. I was in Raleigh, N.C. one Saturday night and saw a tent city and a bunch of young college aged people milling about.

Then I read about why they were upset. For the most part this was ALMOST a noble cause and they had some points about big business…Wait no they didn’t!  These kids couldn’t understand why they weren’t making six figures for the liberal arts degree they had gone to school to receive.

I thought “whatever they will figure that part out eventually.” Then comes the whole “I shouldn’t have to payback my student loan” mentality. Excuse me? Why in the hell would you not have to pay back a LOAN, that YOU signed for?

No one told these kids that they HAD to get that loan. There is more than one way to get this done, kids. Now I’ll tell you a tale of a hard-working, young woman who did not receive her degree until the age of 30. This would be my sister.

She did not take out a loan. She got a job as a server in a restaurant and went to Camden County Community College. She then transferred to Holy Family University in Philadelphia, P.A.

She continued working as a server, bought her own house and continued to get educated. It took her longer than four years as she could only pay for 2 or maybe 3 classes per semester. But guess what? She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree and also debt free. She got a job as Special Education teacher and has been doing great ever since.

One of the main reasons she was able to do this is because from a very young age our parents taught us that hard work will trump everything else. No one is going to give it to you. You have to go out and EARN it!

Now to you pansy kids that want the government to payback your loans. GO GET A F-ING JOB and start taking some accountability for your own life!

No one has a responsibility to do things for you. You’re an adult. Life is hard. But only as hard as you make it.

Get up off your ass and go earn what you want!

David Jewell



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