Boots On Ground To Fight ISIS (Syria Update)

Good day Hard-Chargers!!

So Mr. President decides to send special operations forces to Syria in order to help assist rebel forces to fight the ISIS terrorist group. Special Forces

Word is they’ll be “less than 50” special operations forces that will be sent to Kurdish territory in northern Syria.

You have to realize this is the most significant escalation of American military campaign against ISIS to date. Special Operations will be sent and deployed to northern Syria in order to help coordinate local ground forces and U.S. led coalition efforts to fight ISIS.


Now of course there was a bit of backlash and people made such remarks as “only 50”. People have to understand that special operations are an important force multiplier anywhere in the world.

The President expect’s they can have an impact in intensifying our strategy for building the capacity of local forces inside of Syria for taking the fight on the ground to ISIS in their own country.

Spec Ops

It’s also been specified that Special Forces will not have a combat mission and could be on the ground within a months time. Once there they will be based at an unofficial location where representative of Syrian Arabs, Kurds and other groups are located.

The troops will remain there from weeks to months at a time, also the troops are not expected to go on raids or into combat. However, they have the right of self-defense and could seek permission to go into the field if need be.

There will be additional Special Operations forces available for raids against targets in both Syria and Iraq when high-value ISIS targets are identified.

The goal here is to the support anti-ISIS fighters and make them capable of challenging ISIS control, of it’s unofficial capital in Raqqa. We want to make them able to isolate, take control and hold their own, however there is no prediction of when that will be possible.

Anti-ISIS Fighters

The U.S. will also boost it’s footprint by confronting ISIS in Syria by deploying A-10 and F-15 fighter jets, America has bombed targets in Syria since September 2014 without stopping ISIS.

A-10 Fighter Jet

F-15 Fighter Jets

It has largely failed in a mission to recruit and train moderate rebels in Syria to take on the terror group. What sparked the decision to place boots on ground was the first death of an American military service member in the fight against ISIS.

Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler died last week in Iraq as he and other American Special Operations forces conducted a raid to rescue hostages held by ISIS.

Master Sgnt Joshua Wheeler

Obama has faced steady and unrelenting criticism of his leadership in the fight against ISIS, with Republicans and even some Democrats consistently accusing him of lacking any clear strategy to fight the militant Islamist group.

Which by the way has threatened attacks against the U.S. troops who are entering a very hot combat zone and have the right to engage the enemy if they come under fire.

They could also join Syrian and Kurdish forces on raids if they get explicit permission from Washington. Syrian Kurdish fighting force in northern Syria welcomed the decision to deploy U.S. troops to assist them but reiterated the need for more assistance and weaponry to fight ISIS.

Syrian Kurdish Fighters

Russia entered the military fray earlier this month by deploying forces to Syria and launching a bombing campaign that it claims has been targeting ISIS. But the locations of Russian airstrikes have led U.S. military officials to say they believe the Russian effort is aimed more at bolstering Assad’s hold on power than fighting ISIS.

Russia Troops in Syria

Russia’s military involvement in Syria has been greeted in Washington with a mixture of caution and criticism, with Obama warning Russia earlier this month that its airstrikes in Syria would suck it into a “quagmire.”

Russian air strike Syria

U.S. and Russia have in recent weeks held a series of deconfliction talks to find ways to prevent accidents or misunderstandings between U.S. and Russian jets sharing the skies over Syria.

Russian jets, though, have not been operating in the skies above northern Syria where the U.S. is now deploying ground forces.

As time goes on I give my word to continue to keep you all updated on the upcoming events pertaining to our presence in this area of operation.

I ask that you all pay attention to current events, many believe that this will turn into world war III while some feels it’s already begun.

Isaac J. Hall II



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