The Racial Divide In America

Good day Hard-Chargers! Great post today by friend and contributor David Jewell.

Growing up in suburban-America my parents taught me to be respectful to everyone I meet. This would be regardless or race, color, or creed.

Growing up throughout the 90’s my middle and high school was a diverse mix of races and religions. Somehow(Magic I guess) everyone got along. My high school had a small graduating class of 101 students.

Everyone knew everyone and honestly there was no drama in our class. There was no divide between “Jocks” and “Nerds” or blacks, whites, Asians, etc. Everyone got along and was respectful to everyone else.

Fast forward to present day America. America is more racially divided than ever. After all the progress made since the end of segregation it feels like this country has taken tremendous strides backwards!

And I think I know why. The liberal media and their Political Correctness has hindered, dramatically, the progress and continued growth of this country.  Every white person is not a racist just like every black person is not a thug.

There are good and bad ones in every part of the rainbow. These are small things perpetuated by the main stream media to brew a hatred of others. Since the most recent administration has taken office the country seems more against one another than ever.

This is especially troubling to me. The country, now more than ever, needs to band together. Radical terrorists want to destroy our country and they don’t give a rat’s ass what color your skin is. All they know is they HATE Americans. Americans need to come together.

Not blacks or whites, AMERICANS! We all live in this Nation together.

Have Police Officer committed horrible crimes? The answer is, YES!  This doesn’t make every cop you see a race hating criminal.  The mainstream media picks and chooses what they want to put on their networks. And frankly they should be a-fucking-shamed to perpetuate the racial divide happening in this country.

What they don’t show is the cop that saved a little kid’s life. They don’t show the cops that show up first on a scene and were the difference between life and death. When something happens in a household and you dial 9-1-1, the first person on the scene is going to be a police officer whether you like it or not. And they may be the difference maker in whatever your emergency is.

We need to stop these calls for attacks on cops. This isn’t helping any situation at all. This Black Lives Matter movement is atrocious. Do black lives matter? of course they fucking do.

But guess what, so does every other life on this planet. This includes cops, bankers, lawyers, students, children, the homeless, etc, etc, etc. Recently in NY a black Police Officer was killed in the line of duty. BLM went to NY and praised his killing. But wasn’t he black?

The hypocrisy of this annoys the shit out of me. You care only about black lives, unless that black life is a Police Officer’s? That’s sickening…

I have served in the Marine Corps with all races and creeds. You know my Buddy Isaac Hall, the one who writes on this blog with me? HE’S A BLACK MAN. And guess what?

He’s one of the greatest fucking friends I’ve ever had in my life. We don’t see one another as black or white. We are brothers of a nation and we stand together. And though we may have differences of opinion at time, we respect how each other feels about their beliefs. We may not be the poster-children for how the country should be but we’re certainly not the worst example!

Get your shit together, America.

Rant Over…

David Jewell



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