Happy 240th Birthday U.S.M.C.

Good day Hard-Chargers!!

Happy birthday to my very beloved U.S. Marine corps, I wanna personally thank you for what I endured and accomplished during my time being enlisted.

I got to serve with some of the greatest guys on planet earth who would have given their life at any moment as I would have also.


I had the opportunity to travel across the globe in order to fight for my country, I also personally showed locals in villages of Afghanistan that we were there to help and protect not to hurt them.Sustani Afghanistan

I enlisted in 2008, I just happened to be in Florida prior to my enlistment so with that being said I was sent to Parris Island to play in the sand pits.Parris IslandSand PitDuring these grueling 13 weeks, I gave my all in order to become a U.S. Marine, from there I earned my dress blues which are hands down the greatest military uniform out of ALL the branches.

It signifies our strong history as well as our continuing dominance as the worlds greatest fighting force.Dress Blues

Today we as an organization are 240 years old and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of such an elite group. I wanna thank you for those long nights where I at times questioned my decision to join this brotherhood.

As well as the days where I would get chills because the training was so real that I’d say to myself this is what I joined for.

To the younger Marines who are joining and preparing to go down range, I wanna say thank you for your service and also enjoy your birthday as we’re 240 years strong and still to this day remain the worlds greatest fighting force.USMC 240 Birthday

Semper Fidelis to those who have came and gone sacrificing for this country in which we live.

Isaac J. Hall II



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