Happy Holidays Marines

IMG_3788-0Let’s not forget there are United States Marines in country right now, they could be patrolling, taking fire from enemy fighters, or even hating life because a lieutenant/ 1st sergeant could be treating them as if they are still in garrison.  You know garrison… (back in the states, on base) Police calling, passing out knife hands because cammies and haircuts aren’t in regulation. If you’re a Marine you know what I’m  talking about. ANYWAYS…. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, I wish you all tons of care packages with socks, gold bond foot powder, ESPN magazines and of course letters and pictures from your loved ones.

As I sit in tropical smoothie 3 days before Christmas, I cant help but to wonder how the men are doing down range, if they are well physically and mentally because both can be hindered in a combat zone as you operate for 7 months. You don’t get adequate sleep, nor do you get a comfy place to rest your head, at best you get a nice hole that you dig in the ground in order to place you sleeping bag.

3233349127_2290e3bb0e_m Temperatures go from 140′ on average in the day to 80′ at night and I give you my word these feel like freezing temperatures when they dramatically drop. I want you hard chargers to know that there are a few of us here who respect you highly, we know the sacrifice that you gave as well as what you must endure during your time in.imageFrom garrison to seeing a dear friend get hurt in country, I love you all and respect the hell out of you, I sincerely wish you a happy, safe merry christmas, stay hard gentlemen…ar135189036820259Semper Fi

Isaac J. Hall II






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