S.L.A.P Rounds

**Saboted Light Armor Penetrator**

The Saboted light armor penetrator or SLAP round is made for penetrating higher-level armor that normal armor-piercing rounds cannot get through. It has a polymer sabot (sometimes called a shoe) which allows the use of the tungsten carbide penetrator which is smaller than the original bore.

My Tour Afghanistan
.50 caliber SLAP round

.50 caliber SLAP ammunition was developed by the Marine Corps during the mid/late 1980s and was approved for service use in 1990 during Operation Desert Storm. It uses a reduced caliber, heavy metal (tungsten) .30 inch diameter penetrator wrapped in a “plastic” sabot or “shoe” of .50 inch diameter.

My Tour Afghanistan
.50 Caliber – On post

Since the mass of the saboted penetrator is much lighter in weight than normal ball .50 caliber ammunition, SLAP’s velocity can be significantly and safely increased in an unmodified M2 Machine Gun. This produces a very fast round with a very flat trajectory which enhances hit probability. SLAP ammunition is completely interoperable with M2 machine guns with stellite liner. It has a maximum effective range of around 1,500m.

My Tour Afghanistan
.50 Caliber/ Heavy Guns

 The downside about these rounds is that the SLAP round is not compatible with some rifles because its greater length will not allow it to chamber or can cause damage to the throat. I’ve also heard stories of plastic sabot bits gumming up muzzle brakes or being blown back on spotters. The bottom line folks, before firing SLAP rounds in your rifle, know for certain that it fits your chamber and is not a hazard to fire.

Isaac J. Hall II

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