U.S. Special Forces Fight ISIS

Good to be with you all again Hard-Chargers, hope you all are well, today we’ll be discussing special forces and their fight against ISIS.


There have been several reports out of Iraq that U.S. Special Forces have engaged ISIS fighters in ground combat for the first time.

This all started at an Iraqi Army outpost, which was occupied by over 100 Americans and also attacked by ISIS forces. This happened at 1:00 am local time, the American forces responded quickly with light and medium weapons, supported by F-18 fighter jets.


American fighter jets directed several strikes focused on ISIS gatherings that silenced their sources of fire power. The clash between the two went over 2 hours, between 1:00 am and 3:00 am.

A commander responded by stating “the Americans were able to inflict heavy casualties on ISIS while suffering no casualties of their own while forcing the terror group back to their base which is about 20 kilometers out.


Tribal leader in the region Sheikh Mahmud Nimrawi, was relieved to see U.S. forces intervene so quickly and hopes this will not be the last of help from the U.S. he understands they acted out of self defense.

The Sheikh also stated that there was progress made in the Al-Dolab area, this was because ISIS took their beating and then withdrew from the area.


The United States has over 3500 service members in Iraq, with over 2700 of those aiding Iraqi security forces as trainers, advisers or even support staff.

At least 100 are special forces, there also 50 U.S. special operators in Syria currently.


U.S. special operators have unique capabilities, from gathering intelligence to the ability to provide assistance or accompany local forces to the front lines.

They are very much needed in this battle with ISIS terror group.


Isaac J. Hall II



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