VA Counselors LIE

There are so many veterans, who deal with the VA Vocational Rehabilitation. Finding out that the program administrators are lying about what the program can do for veterans.

Thousands upon thousands of vets apply for Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation every year, some are successful and then some are not.


There seems to be some sort of theme pertaining to Voc Rehab, by theme I mean lies… Veterans are being misled about what Voc Rehab can do for them even though there are policies that contradict what the counselor says.

There has to be something going on between offices as to what excuses can be used to keep deserving disabled veterans from their benefits.



The Department of Veterans Affairs Office (DVA OIG) ordered an audit of the VR&E program in 2007.

After taking a sampling survey of 80,000 veterans to find out why they never completed the program. The VR&E brags about the success rate of the program being about 75% to the U.S. Congress.

However, what many don’t know is this number is much lower. The true success rate according to DVA OIG, is closer to just 18% many veterans that are qualified drop out of the VR&E before even developing an individual written rehabilitation plan.

Many also drop out of the program before finishing the program.

In Corporate America, this is called “cooking the books” people have went to jail and been sued for this in the past. Lucky for VR&E officials they are largely blanketed by sovereign immunity.



Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Here is a list of common lies told by Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors to deny veterans access to Chapter 31 benefits:

** If you have a job, you don’t qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation

About 42% of all disabled veterans using VR&E services are employed at the time of admittance.

35% hold jobs during their period of retraining. 28,000 veterans who used VR&E for retraining were employed at the time they entered the program.

** You cant use Vocational Rehabilitation if you are Individually Unemployable.

Veterans with a 100% disability rating can use VR&E for retraining purposes to obtain jobs, if possible…

Also, veterans with are IU are also allowed to use the program. Finishing the training program does not result in a reduction of IU.

Apparently, it cannot be reduced for a year following employment.

** Veterans with high disability rating usually fail to complete their training.

Veterans with a higher disability rating also have a higher likelihood of successfully completing their program. This includes veterans with VR&E ratings of “serious employment handicap.”

** Vocational Rehabilitation will not pay for graduate school.

VR&E will send people to graduate school, law school, medical school, dental school, and airline pilot training.

It can also pay for starting small businesses and allocating more than $100,000 for the start-up, according to participating SBA Veteran Business Counselors working with the program.

** Veterans with families have a harder time completing their programs.

There is no significant effect on program success rates when comparing veterans with families to those without families.

This includes a comparison between veterans relating to spouses and veterans with children.


I want to say to the counselors out there who actually help us veterans, thank you for everything that you do and we greatly appreciate you.

As of now media outlets have began to investigate the VA, including the actions of Voc Rehab officials. To you who do harm to vets, it’s time to be on the right side of this story.

May vengeance be upon you.

Isaac J. Hall II





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