Females Enter Infantry Fields

Good day Hard-Chargers!

Many feel that that the maintaining of standards for women and men in combat jobs wont last.

The military will eventually be pressured into lowering the qualifications in order to allow more women to serve in Marine Corps infantry.


Gen. John Kelly, head of U.S. Southern Command, stated and strongly opposed the idea of integrating women into all combat jobs.

There is also a new disagreement whether Marine Corps must integrate a 12 week program at Parris Island in South Carolina.


Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s order to fully integrate women into all combat jobs. Including the Marine Corps and special operations forces like Navy SEALs and Army Green Berets.


In December, Carter ordered all combat jobs open to women, but also vowed that no standards would be lowered to make way for women.

Initially the Marine Corps sought to keep infantry and combat jobs closed to women. Studies show combined-gender units are not as effective as male-only units, that was later rejected.

Jan 1, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said he wanted a plan by Jan 15 for the Marines implementing a plan for women in recruit training. He also said he wanted the integration to begin April 1.


Mabus’ memo is in review, also Gen. Robert Neller, is said to be irate about the situation and now wants to speak in a one on one meeting with Carter to discuss the matter.


It’s said that Marine leaders don’t want women and men training together and want to determine implications of the change before going any further.

There are those who feel this will work while many feel this will emasculate Marine Corps infantry. Studies have been shown that females just cannot carry the weight of the fighting load.

They cant withstand the long hikes with the gear you have to carry, then there is the form of actual training. When training evolutions were conducted scores were computed and the females scores were significantly lower.

We have to put into consideration as this can also cross over to the battlefield. Then again it could all work out and the two could work together just fine.

Only time will tell, thanks for listening guys.

Isaac J. Hall II




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