Moving targets on Annaul Rifle Range

How we doing Hard-Chargers!

So how about U.S. Marines, will soon have moving targets to engage on their annual rifle range qualifications.


Marine Corps Combat Development and Integration tasked Weapons Training Battalion to develop a new training program.

This would be held at the Combat Marksmanship Symposium, which is held in Quantico, Virginia.

The new course of fire will formalize the training standard at live fire ranges, and indoor simulators.


Marines, have noted over the years that they’ve had problems hitting moving targets successfully, said Col. Tim Parker commander of weapons training battalion.

“We’ve also learned that Marines, can be very effective at hitting moving targets, however, this is only if they are trained to do so. “We’d like to see every single Marine, on an annual basis qualify to this.”


There are 6 other firing tables, that currently guide Corps’ marksmanship. The new table however, will provide a minimum standard course of fire that Marines, train in order to be proficient shooters.

WTBN is to develop a training program that can be implemented at all ranges across the force.


These state-of-the-art platforms are proving to be very successful in challenging Marines, to accurately and consistently strike targets on the move.


Autonomous Robotic Human Type Targets, make their way off a firing range at Camp Pendleton. They have GPS and sensors on the front, targets are able to navigate the range, on command and correct their own paths to avoid obstacles.

“Robots are great, but is that what we need?” said Parker. “I love robots, but this will have to be something we can afford for the entire Marine Corps.”

As of now the search is on to find more cost effective moving targets for ranges. WTBN is ecstatic to get the standard established in order for Marines, to begin training.


I’m a 3rd award expert on the rifle range, this is with iron sights, and non-moving targets. I’m more than positive that any infantry Marine, can strike a moving target accurately.

Isaac J. Hall II




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