U.S Marine K.I.A via ISIS

How we doing Hard-Chargers!

I have sad news today pertaining to our own.

A U.S. Marine, was killed while several others were injured at a Northern Iraqi base. This was after it came under heavy attack from Islamic State militants.


The Marines were providing force protection fire support at an established coalition fire base. Others are being treated for their injuries.

The names of the deceased and the injured are being withheld at the moment until families are contacted and notified.

Our last American military service-member to be killed in combat was Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler who passed away in October.


Wheeler, was a Special Forces soldier. He was from Roland, Oklahoma, he was killed in a raid that freed 70 hostages from Islamic State makeshift prison.

Wheeler was the first to die in combat in Iraq since 2011. U.S. forces withdrew after more than eight years of battle there.

This will be the second combat death since the start of Operation Inherent Resolve. I think it allows everyone to realize the reality of this business. As well as the risk men and women take on the daily in uniform.

Thank you to all who serve.

Isaac J Hall II





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