Marine Expeditionary Unit

Marines are first to fight, we know this, we’ve heard this time after time for years. You ever wonder why though??

Its because of our culture and because we maintain a forward-deployed presence near various global hotspots.

The Marine Corps’ forward presence consists of many Marine Expeditionary Units, or MEUs.

MEUs spend six months training for a variety of amphibious operations before they are deployed.

Marine Expeditionary Units embark on United States Navy warships, and prepare to launch missions. This could be humanitarian missions, peacekeeping missions or combat engagements, this is however, on extremely short notice.

*Hour 1

The warning Order– Aboard three amphibious assault ships, the USS Nassau, USS Mesa Verde & USS Ashland, here Marines receive orders and prepare to respond.


*Hour 2

Crisis Action Brief– Here Marine Corps commanders & staff of 24th MEU begin planning by reviewing intelligence and developing possible courses of action.


*Hour 3

Detailed Planning– Here Marine ground, Aviation as well as logistics combats elements begin to prepare to support the course of action.


*Hour 4

Confirmation Brief– The MEU commander approves course of action, from there orders are disseminated to every Marine in the MEU.


*Hour 5

Mission Staging– Marines load necessary gear they’ll need in order to move out and go on with the mission at hand.


*Hour 6

Execute Orders– Aircrafts and landing crafts launch the first wave of Marines ashore.


*Mission– Marines of the 24th MEU put their training, planning into action on the amphibious raid training mission.


Each MEU is an expeditionary quick reaction force.

Which is deployed and ready for immediate response to any crisis, whether it be natural disaster or combat missions.

May the training continue and our Marine Corps brothers be ready at any given time. God-speed gentlemen. 

Isaac J. Hall II



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