Name Change Coming Soon

How we doing Hard-Chargers!!

Representative Walter Jones, of North Carolina, is hoping to get congress to back him yet again. Jones wants to re-designate the Department of the Navy as the Department of the Navy and Marine Corps.

It’s said that the change would affect department titles, such as Navy secretary.

The push to rename the Navy Department has has been ongoing since 2001. It’s been shut down every time it makes its way through the House of Senate.

Jones spoke to Marine Corps Times and felt optimistic that the effort would pass however, he is always ready to continue the fight if need be.

o-WALTER-JONES-TAYLOR-GRIFFIN-facebook.jpgRep. Walter B. Jones, R-N.C.

Many are curious if this is the year that Jones will win. He has support in the halls of congress.

98% of the House supported the bill in 2008, while 80% supported a companion bill. In 2010 the House set a record of 400 plus co-sponsors.

Honorable Mention

Marine Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Ermey has been rather outspoken on this particular topic.


“When we die, when mama and dada get that letter of condolence, it would be kind of nice if the Marine Corps was mentioned.”


“These young men and women are fighting and losing their lives for this country. We aren’t asking for our own department. We are reasonable people. We are just asking for an honorable mention.”

Numbers Never Lie

In 2013 the Congressional Budget Office determined the cost change to the name of the department would be less than $500,000.00 a year.

This is of course over a figure calculated over several years.

The Marine Corps considers their birth certificate to be Continental Congress resolution penned November 10th 1775.

Congress made the Marine Corps an organization in 1798, this was the same year the Navy Department was founded.


All changes to the Navy Department would need to pass the House and also Senate.




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