Marines Deploy To Juba, Sudan

Hola Hard-Chargers!!

So the Marine Corps, has sent a team of security guards from the Corps’ embassy reinforcement team to the U.S. Embassy in Juba, South Sudan. (should be interesting)

MSAU training
MSAU training

The Marine Security Augmentation Unit was created and implemented shortly after the September 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans, were killed including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

The number of Marines sent to Juba, have not been specified. However this area is where fighting between rival factions has killed hundreds of people recently.


So normally a MSAU size is based on the embassy protection requirements.

Again the number was not mentioned when asked…


U.S. Africa Command stated that a crisis response force of nearly 40 troops arrived at the embassy.

This was supposedly to temporarily assist the U.S. Embassy in bolstering its security, assisting with a reduction of non-emergency personnel. The troops had brought several vehicles to secure the embassy.

The MSAU, which is based in Quantico, Virginia has about 120 Marine security guards.

The unit dispatches in squad-sized teams, however, the deployment to Juba, would represent about one-third of the entire force.


Unlike other Marine Corps units that can quickly reinforce security at U.S. diplomatic posts. MSAU consists entirely of trained embassy guards.

That means it can be summoned by a U.S. ambassador, chief of mission or regional security officer if a diplomatic post anywhere in the world is under threat.

MSAU Training

The MSAU can also be dispatched to reinforce Marine security guards already at an embassy. This is of course if there is credible intelligence of an attack.

We all remember the November’s terrorist attacks in France, that killed over 100 people.

The Marines sent a MSAU team to the U.S. embassy in Paris. At the time, the unit had deployed on about 60 missions across the world since being established little more than two years earlier.

MSAU Marines Training


Lets wish them all the best and may they be safe doing their jobs. God-Speed gentlemen!!!

Isaac J. Hall II



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