What Marines Packed For Deployment WWII

Good day Hard-Chargers!

So I got a question today from one of the readers of the blog (thanks for following & supporting) she wanted to know what Marines packed for deployment during world war II.

She also specifically wanted this geared towards Marines on a battleship.

WWII Marines

Well it wasn’t much to be honest. Of course what they brought with them had to fit in their sea-bags.


From my understanding there was a winter uniform (blue) a warm weather uniform (whites) shirts, underwear, socks, shoes, toiletries and of course a few personal items. i.e. writing paper, notebook, letters, books.

Marine warm weather WWII

Depending on the exact area you were being sent to you may have been issued cold weather gear. It really depends on the area and also the mission.

Dress Blues WWII

Isaac J. Hall II







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