Who’s Better????

How we doing Hard-Chargers!!

The United States Marine Corps is only quasi-independent from the US Navy because its historic operations. Which were/are different than the Army.

The US Marines have an oceanic duty, rooted in its history of serving aboard US Navy ships.

Thus acting as warrior-protectors of those ships, invaders of other ships and landing crews to destroy or temporarily occupy enemy nations.

Marines on Navy ship

Over time many have felt that the roles and operations of the Marines are similar to those of the US Army.

They’re actually quite different in terms of missions.

To be frank here, the US Marine Corps is designed to dismantle and annihilate enemies. Its training is far more difficult, its brotherhood is based on being deadly.


Now c’mon, this doesn’t mean we’re warmongering corsairs, however, the entire mysticism of the USMC is about striking fear into the enemies.

This is done by being so overwhelmingly deadly that the mere pretense of the USMC would end a battle before fighting begins.

I’m sure this comes off a bit offensive to the US Army. People forget that the goal of the US Army is very much like the Marines.

EXCEPT the Army employs logistical, surgeons and a LOT of other people.


They carry out nation building and larger political missions.

The Marines see itself as a branch of deadly warriors ready to drop what they are doing and destroy at any minute.

No matter the individual, Marines are always prepared to pick up a rifle and fight.

** The training is grueling, painful, and very emotional. It is intentionally the hardest basic training in the USA and for obvious reasons.

USMC Boot Camp Parris Island Marines swim-qual Female marines, sand pit

The Army’s larger logistical and political mission make it a far more diverse military branch.

It has supreme fighters as well I mean lets not forget about the Rangers, Asymmetric-Warfare Group, Special Forces. Ohh and then they’re these bad asses who call themselves Delta Force.


We completely respect our brothers from the Army branch. They’ve done great things throughout history I’m merely just mapping out a few differences between us and them.

Army logo Marines logo

Isaac J. Hall II





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