Master Gunnery Sgnt VS Sgnt Major in Marine Corps

Morning Hard-Chargers!!

So when a Marine makes Gunnery Sergeant E-7 he designates on his fitness report whether he’d like to be selected for 1st Sgt or Master Sgt.

R. Lee Ermey Gunny R. Lee Ermey

                1st sgnt Master Sgnt

The Marine Corps, will have the final say/decision and he may not get the one he wants. For the most part he will but this isn’t always the case.

There are MANY more MSgts than 1stSgts and many more MGySgts than SgtsMaj.

Master Gunnery SgntSergeant Major

Former drill instructors usually become 1stSgts and former recruiters usually for the most part become MGySgts.

Marines logo

There are many exceptions to that very general rule of thumb though. See once selected to a track, you’re in it the rest of your career.

The Marine Corps, at one point allowed the new E-8’s to re-designate so a MSgt could become a 1stSgt or vice versa. Yeah that was then and it no longer applies.

The 1stSgt of a company is the senior enlisted adviser to the company commander, whom is a Marine captain.

A MSgt will work in the battalion operations shop (S-3) or at the Group level (higher HQ).

A 1stSgt can ONLY become a SgtMaj and a MSgt can ONLY be promoted to MGySgt. They are fixed tracks.

As a SgtMaj, he is the senior enlisted adviser to the battalion commander, whom is no other than a Marine LtCol.

A MGySgt will serve in the S-3 or on the group/wing/regimental/division staff. Each are leaders, but the SgtMaj is technically senior to the MGySgt if they both serve in the same unit.

Marine Corps, rank system Marine Corps rank system

In the Army, this is not the case. An Army MSG E-8 is temporarily made a 1SG, from there reverts to MSG when his job is done.

Hope this answered your questions sir or ma’am. You guys take it easy and please continue your relentless support of our nations troops.

Isaac J. Hall II




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