Cpl. Michael Ouellette

Good day Hard-Chargers!!
Today we here at USMC Infantry Brothers are very happy to honor one of our Marine Corps brothers.
On March 22, 2009, Cpl. Ouellette was leading his squad on a combat patrol in the Helmand province.
Which is now referred to as Zad district, when an improvised explosive device detonated under his left foot. The blast dismembered the corporal’s left leg and his upper right thigh and groin were bombarded with shrapnel.
Ouellette_michael_w_lg.jpgCpl. Micahel Ouellette
Immediately corpsman Matthew Nolan, came to aid as much as he could as there was massive blood loss. Even with the situation taking place Ouellette was still in charge and able to dictate.
Ordering his element to defend as enemy fighters were engaging.
There is word that Ouellette was instructing the radio operator of his element what to call in for helos as well mortars.
He wanted to be sure his element was ok as the now acting team leader would have to step up since Ouellette was now severely injured.
Ouellette was able to guide his radio operator’s communication when helicopters arrived to suppress the enemy.
Lastly the squad leader would not be evacuated until all his Marines were able to move out of the area.
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.53.40 PM.png
(Nauzad, once the Helmand Province now the —>> Zad District)
The corporal of Marines later passed out from wounds sustained. However, corpsman Nolan said he was breathing and conscious during the evacuation. The last thing he heard Ouellette say was: “I’m proud of my Marines.” 

A new headquarters building at the Marine Corps’ Advanced Infantry Training Battalion will honor a fallen noncommissioned officer who earned the Navy Cross during the battle that took his life.

Marine officials will dedicate a new facility named for  Cpl. Michael Ouellette at Camp Geiger, North Carolina, on Wednesday.(tomorrow)

The infantry squad leader was posthumously awarded the service’s second-highest valor award for actions during a 2009 deployment to Afghanistan with 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines.
The man was injured and still able to sum up enough strength in order to maneuver his element. He was able to remain poise in a very stressful situation, as well as being able to give commands in order to call for fire.
The family of Corporal Ouellette, we here at USMC Infantry Brothers want to say we’re proud to be associated with such persons.
The precious act of bravery and the ability to think and react quickly saved multiple lives March 22, 2009, thank you for your service Cpl. Ouellette.
Your name shall live on forever…
Isaac J. Hall II

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