Newly Appointed Minister Of War

Good day Hard-Chargers!!

So we’ve got word that a 41 year old Gulmurod Khalimov, is now named the minister of war.

He’s supposedly trained a bit with US special arms as he was headed for Tajikistan for special forces police.


There is now a $3 million bounty on the man dubbed “The Tajik” who has become one of the worlds most wanted men.

Khalimov, replaces the very infamous jihadi Tarhan Batirashvili, who was referred to as “Omar the Chechen” he rose through the ranks before being killed during a U.S. airstrike in July.


An anonymous source stated “The Tajik Golmurud Khalimov, was elected as the first military commander in ISIS, the organization didn’t announce due to fears that once mentioned there might be a series of airstrikes.”

Khalimov, is a dad of eight and became radicalized recently and joined the Islamic State last year after disappearing while still chief of Tajikistan’s special police force.

Weeks later, he resurfaced in an ISIS video in which he pledged to carry out jihadist attacks against Tajikistan, Russia and the US.

During his 10-minute tangent, Khalimov, said he attended numerous counter-terrorism training courses in the US and Tajikistan between 2003 and 2014.


The State Department’s Diplomatic Security/Anti-Terrorism Assistance program organized the courses, which were also taught by a private US military company.

In the video, Khalimov, bragged that he received military training in Russia, while Tajikistan’s police chief.

His second wife, who is an ex-press secretary for Tajikistan’s customs service, is by his side and is also wanted by authorities.

A Red Notice for his arrest and extradition to Tajikistan, where he is being sought for treason.


In Deir Ezzor, the jihadis film themselves sexually assaulting kids sent to the battlefield to shame them into staying and fighting.

The children who are sent to the warfronts are again raped by adult terrorists in order to prevent them from fleeing the battlefields.

The depraved rebels then threaten to release the footage and videos to stop the children from fleeing.

Isaac J. Hall II








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