Gratitude From A Marine

Good day Hard-Chargers!!

So yeah I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for allowing me to travel the world, I had the pleasure of meeting incredible people from all over the globe.


You see prior to the marines I never flew a plane, I never even left my home state for that matter.

I was also very under-developed as I had no confidence in myself, being very timid. I mean I played sports my whole life, yet I had never learned how to be a leader.

Once I entered this beloved fraternity I was forced to grow up rather quickly. As you’ll make decisions that could very well affect the lives of those around you.


I never imagined firing my rifle in combat, nor have I ever envisioned a brother of mine bleeding out profusely as he was hit by enemy fire.


I was pushed as far as my limits go, we’re talking mental and physical here. I’ve cried in anger privately as fellow marines were harmed.

I’ve panicked internally with fear as enemy fire is unpredictable.

And yes, I’ve cheered with great joy as I witnessed Hell-Fire destroy enemy fighters.


Poverty is also something I look at completely different now. As I seen children in fields with no shoes and ragged clothes. Families with no money or food to live all while being centuries behind America.

There are areas with no electricity or running water for that matter.


For a quick glance you make eye contact and instantaneously you see the looks of utter defeat and hopelessness.

I’m now more thankful to be an American, I/we could have been born anywhere on earth, however, we’re here. I’m also extremely happy to have seen and experienced what I did.


I can honestly and sincerely say this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


United States Marine Corps, I appreciate your patience, your tough love and most of all your commitment to be the very best.



Isaac J. Hall II



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