Letter To Younger-Self

How we doing sir???

I wanted to take some time to introduce myself. My name is Isaac Hall, now I completely understand your confusion in this but you have to listen, as what I’m about to tell you is critical.

Isaac, I’m you…

I’m sure you’re wondering how I can be you, when you are you. Lets just say I’m the future you and I’m here to prepare you mentally for what’s to come.

You come from a good family, even though there is a bit of chaos and destruction. I ask that you stay the course through these instances.

As this will make you a stronger person.

Also you have to understand the background of your mother, and your father, in order to fully grasp the concept of their complex personas.

Your father, literally seen his mothers leg shot off and wasn’t even 10 years old. Mom-Dukes was touched inappropriately at a young age and also dealt with issues of her own.

These backgrounds with alcohol, and hard drugs, can lead to a tumultuous relationship.

Even with the relationship of your parents being out of control and un-predictable, this will teach you how to properly be in a relationship.

Speaking of relationships, lets not get to upset when the kids tease you at school. It’s a part of life and EVERYONE gets teased.

They’ll say you’re ugly, they’ll say you’re poor, big headed, I mean you’ll hear it all.

What you have to understand is none of this is true. You’ll learn that diversity is beautiful, you’ll also learn how to use your persona to befriend others.

Isaac, I also feel very compelled to tell you that you shouldn’t put so much effort into chasing the opposite sex.

Utilize your brain, and energy in order to get good at something. Once you do perfect it and charge from your services.

Don’t worry about having a best bud, in 8th grade someone very special will come along. Also when it comes to sports, all I’m going to say here is block out the noise and focus.

Size does not matter, it’s more-so about talent, so work hard, study the game and don’t be scared.

What if I told you that 15 years from you’d be a well traveled man.

Please know that family is everything, with that being said never lose touch with your brother, as he needs you more than you’ll ever know.

You’re not dumb, you’re not stupid, and you’re not a worthless being. You’re smart with a gorgeous smile so show it more often. 

And for goodness sake, WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK!!!

Live the life you want, visualize what you want to do with your life. Never be a follower but always be a leader.

Help others when you can and never be judge-mental as you never know what someone is going through so always be kind.

Never give up, don’t be too hard on yourself and in anything that you do be sure to give your all. Through-out these life lessons you’ll be a better prepared as one day you’ll be a husband, father, and best-friend.

Be well Isaac, and live life to the fullest, you have to understand that many live, but most aren’t alive.

Isaac J. Hall II



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