The “Self Appointed Fiduciary”

Good day hard-chargers!!

So a few days ago we had a Police Sergeant from Massachusetts plead guilty on an array of accounts. Such as stealing funds from the accounts of disable veterans, as he acted as the appointed fiduciary.


The name of the culprit was Glenn Pearson, who is 61 years old and worked for the Whitman Police Department. About 16 years ago he was dismissed for breaches of police codes of conduct. As well as improper arrest, sexual harassment, untruthfulness and even falsifying payrolls.


From 2007 to 2012 Pearson became a Department of Veterans Affairs fiduciary for multiple disabled veterans and managed their funds. During this time Pearson took advantage of his position and embezzled over $250,000 of benefits money award to the veterans by Veterans Affairs.


He even went one step further and operated a “tax preparation” business called FTS Tax Services, this is where he falsely prepared tax returns for clients in return for a fee. After a while though his clients were audited by the IRS, from there Pearson gave falsified statements to the IRS.


As of now he faces a max sentence of 20 years for wire fraud. An additional three years for trying to interfere with the administration of internal revenue laws. Another three years for making and also providing false tax returns. Lastly 5 years for misappropriation of funds.


Pearson admitted to causing over $1 million in tax loss, and has supposedly agreed to a plea deal. Which will be to make restitution to the veterans whom he stole from as well as Veterans Affairs Administration and the Internal Revenue Service.


As of now he’s set to be released Sept. 19th.

Hard-charges it would behoove of you to not only be a better judgment of character but also you may want to do a bit of research because you can do your taxes yourself or hire a reputable accountant.

Keep your eyes open for those who want to take advantage of you.

Isaac J. Hall II



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