Views From A Grunt

How we doing Hard-Chargers!!

Born in 1775 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Tun Tavern, a disciplined group of bad asses would assemble a fearless fraternity and be remembered throughout history for their remarkable battles.


As well as their selfless attitudes and how they would easily put their lives down for this great country.

The Marine Corps, was built on men who were strong both mentally and physically. 

Physicality is a big part of the game as you’ll hike 20 some odd miles while carrying 40/50-lbs of gear.

You’ll patrol in 140′ weather everyday in a combat zone. 

Hell (God forbid) you may have to drag a wounded Marine out of a compound while taking fire from the enemy.

Once that adrenaline rush ordeal is over get ready to endure the same thing the very next day as you’re “in the shit” and the enemy is not letting up.


As a Marine, whose experienced a few things overseas as well as grueling training challenges in the states. 

I get very offended when spoiled kids give their “expert opinion” on things they aren’t familiar with.

A good majority of the time they’ll get hired at these prestigious companies because of the relationships their parents have with someone at that company.

Ok before I go further I wanna say I’m not butt-hurt about their successes or because someone said something negative about Marines.

I’m a bit perturbed because pieces like Toxic Masculinity in the Marine Corps, gets a great amount of attention. 

It’s just odd to me because the writer of the piece Alex Ward, is not a Marine, and he never was.


So how would he know anything pertaining to what Marines deal with on a daily basis in the states and also over-seas when fighting for our country.

He never went to recruit training, nor did he attend the School Of Infantry. 

He hasn’t endured 140′ weather with 50/60 pounds of gear on and he damn sure hasn’t fired any sort of rifle/ weaponry at enemy fighters.

So how does he seem to know so much about this fraternity/brotherhood.

He also has a problem with females not being openly invited to infantry battalions. 

As of now there are only 4 female Marines in total in infantry battalions.

Part of the reason why there aren’t others is because they can’t endure the training. 

They can’t carry the fighting load and they haven’t been successful at (IOC) Infantry Officers Course.


Keeping females out of Marine Corps infantry is not oppressing the rights of females or blockading gender equality.

It’s more-so about maintaining the most combat effective military.

U.S. hegemony is slowly dissipating and other nations are assembling conventional forces.

Our nation should be more concerned in creating the strongest infantry force to defend our national interests.

The Marine Corps will not lower its standards in order to make a few writers happy. 

Nor will it lower its standards in order to reach a quota to allow a certain number of females to enter infantry battalions.

There are about 900 Marines to a battalion, this includes 3 rifle companies, a weapons company, headquarters and service.

There’s also about 24 active infantry battalions in a whole in the Marine Corps.

That’s roughly less than 20,700 Marines in ground combat right now out of 182,000 active duty Marines.

That means there are literally less than 8% who are actually infantry.


This really gives hence to the slogan the few the proud.

Women who claim that they are not afforded traditional leadership opportunities by not being infantry officers are clearly not aware of the plethora of leadership opportunities in the Marine Corps elsewhere.

Maybe this should remain the only area of the military for males only.

Isaac J. Hall II




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  1. Personally, I feel if they can handle what the USMC dishes out – let them in. But frankly, that would limit the number drastically. If a females can do the job – so be it.

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