Tactical Gear

*Rifle Combat Optic


The RCO is a fixed 4X optimal aiming scope that provides enhanced target identification and hit probability for the M4 Carbine and M16A4 service rifle.

Battery-free, dual illumination features enable Marines in daylight, lowlight or no light—to keep both eyes open, while engaging targets and maintaining maximum situational awareness.

*PEQ-15(Advanced Target Pointer)


The PEQ-15 provides two different capabilities. When used with the naked eye, the visible laser can assist with aiming, and the floodlight on the PEQ-15 can assist in identifying targets in low-light.

However, using these visible light capabilities also mean that the enemy can see the source of the light.

When a Marine pairs the system with a night-vision device such as NVG’s (night vision goggles) he can switch to using the infrared targeting laser or the infrared illumination.

*Monocular Night Vision


Night Vision Goggles provides Marines, with superior depth perception and night-eye adaptation.

Its durable construction, extended battery life and light weight ensures it can always be counted on wherever Marines go.

*Individual First Aid Kit


War-fighting is more than combat engagement. Part of being an elite warrior is taking care of those you fight alongside.

The Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) ensures that in the midst of battle, Marines have the equipment to provide point-of-injury care for their fellow warriors.

*PRC-153 (Black Gear)

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.42.22 PM.png

Designed to provide small lightweight tactical communications to infantry squads and fire-teams.

The PRC-153 Integrated Intra-Squad Radio acts as a wireless intercom system between Marines.

The PRC-153 possesses enough power to provide Marines with effective communications in open terrain, heavily forested areas and urban environments



The purpose of the Thor dismounted system is to provide the user in the field with a wearable Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED).

Which has been designed to counter an array of frequency diverse threats.

The system is an expandable, active and reactive, scanning-receiver-based jammer with multiple jamming signal sources that allow it to counter multiple simultaneous threats.

(It gives the patrol a 30-50 meter bubble, allowing any IED in that radius not to blow up)



The lightweight man-pack PRC-117 (green gear) is a continuous coverage radio.

With VHF-high, VHF-low and UHF bands, an upgrade/functional replacement for the PRC-113 radio.



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