Schmuck “Hacker” issued 20 yrs in prison.

Good day Hard-Chargers!!

I sincerely hope you all are enjoying your day as we wrap up the week. So how bout we have ourselves a “computer hacker” who decided it was smart to help the Islamic State.

The schmuck fuck provided over 1000 names of U.S. government and military workers as targets. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.


Defense lawyers argued the fact that Ardit Ferizi, is just a kid and he met no harm whatsoever. They also stated he’s not a true supporter of the Islamic State.

Elizabeth Mullin, stated, “He was a nonsensical, misguided teenager who didn’t know what he was doing,” “He’s never embraced ISIS ideology”

Let’s talk about this kid for a second here, first off he’s 20 years young. Also a native of Kosovo, and was arrested in Malaysia last year.

He was also the first person to be convicted in the U.S. of both hacking and terrorism charges. The kid admitted to hacking the private company and from there pulling out names, emails, and phone numbers of over 1300 people.


Later the Islamic State published the names and revealed a threat attack.

Ferizi, had a bit of a hard time explaining himself as far as why he did what he did. He only replied by stating it happened very quickly and that he felt bad for scaring innocent people.

Prosecutors asked for the maximum sentence of 25 years. 

Before Ferizi, turned over names to the “Islamic State Hacking Division”, he operated a website which was devoted to propaganda of the Islamic State.

Ferizi, had conversations defending the Islamic State, when he decided to give the 1,300 identities to the Islamic State.

He very well knew he was placing innocent people in the crosshairs of terrorist. Prosecutor Van Grack, continued to argue that the list was indeed a hit-list. The point was to find and strike the individuals.

Grack, quoted a letter from a victim who said she has an easily identifiable name and is now nervous when around Muslims. Something she also feels bad about. This is what really made the court room so quiet that you could hear the kid, sniffling as he was crying to himself.


Prosecutor Van Grack, read another letter and terror case in northern Virginia. Harris Qamar, staked out at two of the addresses of people on the list who lived near him in the town of Burke. With intentions to do bodily harm.

So far however, no-one on the list has been harmed, also most of the information Ferizi, helped disseminate was already publicly available. 

From here they wanted to evoke emotion by stating he had a difficult life raised as a muslim. As he was 4 years old when NATO, dropped airstrikes and forced Serbian forces to withdraw.


We’re also told by specific source who shall remain nameless that Ferizi, previously had issues from hacking into a Kosovar government database but he avoided jail time. He then went to Malaysia, in order to study cyber security, however, he continued with hacking activities.

Word is, he was trying to expose online pedophiles, when he met an Islamic State recruiter. Always remember there are repercussions for your actions when you decide to commit a crime but especially of this magnitude.

Have fun in prison kid, and word of advice…


Isaac J. Hall II






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